WP13: Management

Participants: SCK•CEN, KU Leuven, KIT, LIU, WH SE, UCAM, UOXF, UoH, NNL, CEA, POLITO

WP13 Leader: SCK•CEN


WP13 – Management: WP13 targets the management of all project activities. The project coordination is entrusted to SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, which has a long-standing experience in conducting material irradiations for scientific & industrial end users, providing an appropriate venue for the validation of the innovative ATF clads in an industrially-relevant environment. Since SCK•CEN is not one of the ATF technology drivers, it will guarantee the impartial performance assessment of the candidate ATF cladding materials, the development of which has required huge capital investments in many countries. In its role as project coordinator, SCK•CEN is entrusted with many responsibilities: the coordination of all R&D activities; diverse administrative and financial tasks; smooth exchange of information between all involved parties; timely submission of Deliverables to the EC; effective handling of administrative, financial and ethical problems; and dissemination and communication of the project achievements to various target audiences.


D13.1: Project website & logo

D13.2: Mid-term review report of the EEAB

D13.3: Final review report of the EEAB