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Processing of engineered bulk materials

  • Participants:  KU Leuven, PLANSEE, ICL, UP, CEA, DU, KU
  • WP1 Leader: KU Leuven


WP1 targets the selection, application-driven optimisation, basic characterisation and supply of bulk materials to be further assessed in WP2-WP9 with respect to their suitability for the ATF application. The bulk materials (i.e., SiC/SiC composites, MAX phase-based materials, grain boundary-engineered oxides, and ODS-FeCrAl alloys) will be optimised first against a set of stringent key criteria and then in accordance with the complete range of ATF cladding material property requirements.

The material property requirements are defined in a tentative materials specification (WP10) at the project outset based on the recommendations of the industrial partners and the standardisation experts involved in the project. From the bulk engineered materials produced in WP1, only SiC/SiC composites are intended for use as cladding materials in the as-fabricated state, while both MAX phases and oxides will be turned into coatings on commercial clads (WP2) prior to service.

The suitability of bulk cladding materials for the targeted ATF application will be evaluated by a set of critical screening tests: only the materials that pass successfully these tests will be irradiated in the BR2 research reactor.


  • D1.1: Application-driven optimisation of bulk MAX phase-based materials & oxides
  • D1.2: Application-driven optimisation of bulk ATF clads
  • D1.3: Proof-of-concept bulk ATF clads

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