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  • Participants: DLR, CEA, ENSC, AFNOR, KU
  • WP10 Leader: CEA


WP10 is dedicated to the development of material specifications and test standards for the ATF clad concepts studied in the project. A material specification is an explicit set of requirements (physical, mechanical or chemical properties; safety, quality or performance criteria) to be satisfied in the intended service conditions. A material specification identifies the test methods that determine whether the material requirements are satisfied, defines purchase requirements, sets minimum/maximum standards for composition, structure, properties and performance, and provides technical information/instructions.

A test standard provides a concise description of an orderly procedure for determining a property of a material and its constituents, an assembly of materials, or an industrial product. Test instructions must include all essential details, such as the apparatus, test specimen, procedure and calculations needed to achieve satisfactory precision and bias. Test standards target the identification, measurement and evaluation of one or more material qualities, characteristics or properties.

The establishment of material specifications and test standards is a critical step towards the qualification and ensuing commercialisation of new nuclear materials. Due to the magnitude of challenges and financial investments associated with standardisation, WP10 will use the SiC/SiC composite cladding concept as a test case, so as to develop a systematic standardisation approach of general applicability. WP10 will monitor relevant current & emerging standards, and will also analyse the project results with respect to their potential translation into standards.


  • D10.1: Standardisation roadmap
  • D10.2: Assessment of test procedure for SiC/SiC clads
  • D10.3: Standardisation strategy

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