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P23 - Commissariat á l' Énergie Atomique (CEA) | France

Key contact persons: Dr. Christophe Lorrette, Dr. Yann de Carlan


The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, CEA, is a French Government-funded technological research organization. A leader in research, development & innovation, the CEA mission statement has two main objectives: to maintain its reputation as one of the leading technological research organizations in Europe and to ensure that the nuclear deterrent remains effective in the future. The CEA is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, defence and security, information technologies, and health technologies. In each one of these fields, the CEA maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building on the synergies between fundamental and technological research. In 2015, the total CEA workforce consisted of 15958 employees, 1146 PhD students and 230 post-docs.

The CEA contribution to IL TROVATORE will primarily be conducted by the teams of the Nuclear Energy Division (CEA/DEN), located at Saclay, France. The CEA/DEN performs research on current reactors and fuels in support of the nuclear industry, and works on the development and qualification of future reactors, fuels and fuel cycles for Gen-IV systems. This is achieved by strengthening partnerships with other research agencies, Universities and academic institutions, and by collaborating within internationally-coordinated projects, especially in Europe within EURATOM. IL TROVATORE will benefit from CEA’s experience in leading European research projects. In technical terms, CEA will contribute to the standardisation activities in WP10 and with processing/supply of ATF cladding material candidates (i.e., SiC/SiC composites and ODS-FeCrAl alloys) to the Consortium for testing.

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