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P16 - The Oxford University (UOXF) | United Kingdom

Key contact person: Prof. James Marrow


The Department of Materials at Oxford University, UOXF, is a world leader in theory and modelling of materials, microstructural and nanoscale characterisation of materials, materials processing and engineering applications. The research group of Prof. J. Marrow ( focuses on the degradation of structural materials and the role of microstructure, investigating fundamental mechanisms of damage accumulation using novel materials characterisation techniques. An example is the use of high-resolution computed X-ray tomography (μXCT) that allows the quantitative measurement of 3D deformation by digital volume correlation (DVC) to validate multiscale models simulating engineering component behaviour.

In IL TROVATORE, UOXF will participate through the research group on advanced nuclear materials, co-ordinated by Prof. J. Marrow. The research group will bring into this project its know-how on the 3D characterisation of damage evolution in advanced materials and will be mainly involved in WP4 & WP9.

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