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P17 - Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine London (ICL) | United Kingdom

Key contact persons: Prof. Mike Finnis, Prof. William E. (Bill) Lee


Imperial College London, ICL, formed in 1907, is a world-leading institution with the mission of achieving enduring excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine, and business for the benefit of the Society. Management, guidance and support for EU-projects are provided by the Europe’s area of the ICL research office. The ICL Department of Materials ( is involved in several strategic fields of materials research and development, whilst some of them require multidisciplinary approaches. Main areas of research are biomaterials and tissue engineering; ceramics and glasses; engineering alloys; functional materials; nanotechnology and nanoscale characterisation; theory and simulation of materials. Regarding ceramic materials research, the ICL Department of Materials has outstanding facilities for synthesis, sintering, microstructural characterization, study of thermal and mechanical properties up to 2400°C, as well as theory and simulation, distributed among different research centres within the Department, such as the Centre for Nuclear Engineering (CNE), Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics (CASC) and the Thomas Young Centre – London Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials (TYC). The Department of Materials has strong links with industry and an enviable history of commercialising its innovative ideas, but most importantly, the commitment and enthusiasm of its academic staff, research assistants, associates and all its students makes the Department of Materials a vibrant and stimulating multicultural environment to undertake research. The Department is formed by 41 full time academic staff, 76 research assistants (post-docs), over 130 postgraduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and around 40 support staff (administrative, research officers and technicians), it is recognised as a leader in UK materials research and is the number one recipient of EPSRC funding for materials that has led, for example, 53 projects in the FP7 framework with a EC contribution of over 18 M€.

Within IL TROVATORE, the ICL Materials Department will participate through the research groups on Ceramics and Glasses ( and on Theory and Simulation of Materials (, led by Profs. B. Lee and M. Finnis, respectively. Prof. B. Lee has a long track record of leading, coordinating and participating in projects with awarded funding over 60 M€. The aforementioned research groups will bring into this project their know-how on the synthesis, sintering, characterisation, high temperature mechanical and thermal properties and phase diagrams simulation through CALPHAD, mainly within WP1 & WP9.

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